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Starter kit EXTRA

Starter kit EXTRA

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The Starter EXTRA kit includes everything needed to achieve salon-quality lashes at home.

The kit includes

high-quality lashes in 10/12/14mm lengths,


sealer,(transparent liquid)





lash shampoo with a brush.

Using shampoo before applying lashes prolongs Si Lashes' durability by removing oil from eyelids and natural lashes.

Pro series eyelashes with the new hair structure make eyelashes even softer and lighter. The lightness of the bristles can extend the wear time of the eyelashes

Dolly is the most versatile Si lashes model. Due to the texture of the hairs, it is not recommended to clean these lashes with a cleanser, and they cannot be reused as many times as our other lashes. Dolly hairs are straighter compared to our other lashes. C corresponds to the J curve, and D corresponds to the B curve.

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