What to do if eyelashes fall out overnight?

If eyelashes fall out overnight, make sure that the chosen length and style of lashes are not too heavy for you.

Make sure to apply a small amount of bond.

Before applying lashes, clean your natural lashes from dirt and oil with Si Lashes eyelash shampoo.

We recommend using a sealer in two layers, applying it between the applicator and pressing the lashes. Squeeze the applicator tightly and hold for about 10 seconds.

Avoid touching the lashes with your fingers to prevent the oil from your fingers from getting on the lashes, thereby reducing their adhesion.

After applying the lashes, try to keep them dry for at least 24 hours.

If you sleep on your eyes, we recommend applying lashes by covering 1/3 of the previous cluster. Apply the adhesive on a card where the lash cluster is. Start applying lashes from the inner corner, then the outer corner, and finally the middle part. This sequence of placement ensures better adhesion of the lashes.

Ensure that the lashes are not too close to the waterline to avoid causing tearing during the night.



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