Lash curls

L-curl lashes have a shape that forms the letter L, making them visually attractive. These lashes are recommended if your natural lashes are straight or slightly tilted downwards. The L-curl provides a natural look, making the eyes appear wider and more open, as well as subtly enhancing the gaze without overly dramatizing the look.

J-curl lashes have a moderate and unobtrusive lash line, creating a smooth curve similar to the letter "J." This type of lashes offers a natural and gentle appearance without creating an overly dramatic look. They are suitable for everyday use, providing a natural enhancement to the eyes.

B-curl lashes create a gentle curve to accentuate the natural look of the lashes. B-curl lashes are recommended if you desire a very natural curve.

C-curl lash curve is similar to the letter C. They offer a natural and lightly curved look, creating a soft and romantic appearance. These lashes are suitable for those who want to add a touch of softness and femininity to their eye appearance.

D-curl lashes are specially designed to create an intense and dramatic eye look. The curve of these lashes resembles the letter D, providing a lifted and expressive gaze effect. They are suitable for those who want a bold and noticeable eye look, such as for larger events or evening makeup.

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