Eyelash cleaning

  1. Place dirty lashes in a small container.
  2. Pour Si lashes cleansing solution over them, covering the lashes.
  3. Let them soak for 30 minutes; for better results, you can leave them to soak overnight.
  4. Then move the lashes onto cotton pads.
  5. Pour out the used cleansing solution.
  6. Using the eyelash brush, comb through the remaining glue and debris from the lashes.
  7. Place the cleaned lashes back into the container.
  8. Add Si lashes eyelash shampoo and clean them with the white applicator from our cleanser.
  9. Rinse the container of any suds.
  10. Position the lashes on cotton pads.
  11. Remove foam bubbles.
  12. Place them back into the containers.
  13. Pour water over the lashes and rinse off any remaining foam with the white brush.
  14. Position the lashes on a piece of cotton and let them air dry naturally.
  15. Comb through the dried lashes and use them again.


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