Clean the eyelashes

Cleanse natural lashes from dirt and oil with eyelash shampoo. Allow them to dry.

Set aside the lashes

If your natural lashes are straight or downward-facing, we recommend setting aside the lashes before applying bond. Setting aside the lashes will also make the waterline more visible, making it easier to attach the lashes.

Apply bond

Apply a small amount of bond above the waterline or on the base of the Si lashes lash cluster. Do not apply bond like mascara.

Attach the lashes

Position the mirror to clearly see the waterline. Hold the lash cluster with an applicator from the top. Start applying from the outer corner to the inner corner, below the natural lashes. Place the lashes close to the waterline but do not touch it (1-2mm away). If you want to reposition a bonded cluster, remove and reattach it before the bond hardens. Properly applied lashes should not feel uncomfortable and do not cause discomfort to the eyes.

Create a bond with natural lashes

Press the lashes firmly with fingers or an applicator to create a strong bond.

Apply the sealer

The sealer can be applied in two ways:

  1. Apply the sealer close to the waterline where the bond was applied, using the end of the brush.
  2. Place the sealer between the bristles of the applicator, insert it between the lashes, and squeeze the applicator at the base of the lashes.

This step is crucial to secure the placement of the cluster and remove stickiness from the bond.

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